Durandal Grid


I've used KoGrid before, but I was never happy with the syntax for writing templates. You have to define your HTML as strings inside your Javascript. Yuck.

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Magnific Popup and Durandal's Router


Magnific Popup is a great little jQuery plugin that creates responsive lightbox's for images. I've used a few lightboxes, but this one definitely has the fewest number of issues when moving between desktop and mobile sizes.

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Relative Paths and PushState in Durandal


Modern browsers support the history.pushState api for changing the URL without actually navigating on the page. This is a nice replacement for hash-based navigation (where a hash-route is used to change the page without navigating, due to the hash not going to the server) since the URL looks like a normal, clean url. Other than smoother navigation, the implementation is invisible to the user.

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Testing Durandal Code with Jasmine


Unit Testing in javascript is usually pretty straightforward. You pick a framework like Jasmine or QUnit, you write some tests, and you run them in your browser or in something headless like PhantomJS.

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Organizing a Durandal Application


Durandal is currently my Javascript MV* framework of choice. It's flexible, powerful, and written by the same guys who did the WPF MVVM framework Caliburn.Micro.

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