JavaScript tests with Mocha and jspm


It's no secret that I love jspm. I think it does everything right. I think Webpack requires far too much configuration. jspm is also much more standards-oriented, so I expect the patterns I learn and develop to last much longer, which is something I sorely need in JavaScript development.

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Jasmine Spies Won't Load Outside Test Scope

#jasmine spies#unit-test#jasmine

This is a pretty minor one, but it's not covered in the documentation. If you have a jasmine spyOn call inside of the describe but outside of a test or outside of a beforeEachit will not run!

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Writing Javascript tests that will run on Windows and Linux with Grunt


I primarily develop at home on my Windows machine, but all of my web projects live on a Webfaction-hosted linux machine. To create a smooth deployment process with Grunt that will run my tests on either machine I used the PhantomJS node package.

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Have you ever wanted to just check out someone's Jasmine unit test's without having to set up an environment? Or maybe you wanted a quick and easy space to write and run some of your own tests.

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Testing Durandal Code with Jasmine


Unit Testing in javascript is usually pretty straightforward. You pick a framework like Jasmine or QUnit, you write some tests, and you run them in your browser or in something headless like PhantomJS.

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